Thermal Underwear

Thermal Underwear

Beta Textiles Co., Limited are professional and experienced in the production of thermal underwear.

The company has been using the following materials for production:-


Polypropyelene underwear has been in use for a long time. It aborbs very little water and retains heat extremely well. It is light with a desity less than water. It is the only fabric that floats on water and retains heat better than other materials. The US Navy and Coast Guard wear polypropylelen thermal underwear. Polypropylene underwear insulates the wearer against cold and keeps the body’s natual warmth next to the skin.

The unique and highly desirable feature of polypropyelene is that it is able to retain heat when it gets wet.

Beta Textiles Co.,Limited started to produce polypropylene underwear with dyeable spun polypropylenme underwear for Academy in 2010 and later on also produced with filament DTY polypropylene underwear.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is soft, not itchy at all. Merino wool has almost competely replaced traditional wool due to its soft, ultrafine fibers. Wool can also blended with other fibers to enhance fit, flexibility and durability. Features of meirno wool cover:-

  • Wicking. The moisture in wool is retained in its chore. Merino wool does not feel as dry as synthetic. It takes longer to dry when it gets wet;
  • Temperature manaement to keep the wearer warm;
  • Odor free;
  • It is a natural fiber;
  • Sustainbale

Unfortuantely merino wool is not as durable as sysnthetic fibers. For durability, Beta Textiles Co., Limited is producing merino wool base layers with nylon/merino wool spun yarn for many global sports brands.


Stud Merino ram at a farm in Australia.

Hollow Section Polyester

Hollow section polyester is warmer and lighter than normal polyester.

  • Air contained in the hollow core enhances warmth by 65%, increases wicking performance and elasticity.
  • The hollow section structure reduces fiber weight by 20% to reduce weight for the wearer.

Beta Textiles Co.,Limited produces thermal underwear with Thermolite and other non-branded China made hollow section staple fiber or DTY to make it more affordable.


Regular Polyester

Regular microfiber polyester is still the most produced and most sold thermal underwear. Either with brushed inside or in polar fleece or grid fleece construction, thermal underwear with regular polyester is still the most affordable thermal underwear which as warm and comfortable.

Beta Textiles CO.,Limited adds value to polyester thermal underwear by special finishing processes such as silk finish,carbon finish and others to make polyester more attractive with added value. Features of polyester thermal underwear produced by Beta Textiles Co., Limited includess:

  • Mositure wicking;
  • Odor control;
  • Antimicrobial
  • Soft and comfortable hand feel

A young beautiful sports girl in thermal underwear with trekking poles walks along the trail among the snow-capped high peaks of the mountains, the traveler walks and climbs tin the national park.


Acrylic/Viscose Heat Generating Fabrics

Acrylic/Viscose blended yarn offers excellent warmth rentention by combining the circular viscose fiber and flat acrylic fiber. When micro-acrylic fiber of less than 1D is used, super soft hand feel like cashmere provides added value for underwear made of such yarn.

Beta Textiles Co., Limited is constantly producing such high end thermal underwear for many brands in the US, UK and other north regions of the world.


Graphene Fabrics

Beta Textiles Co., Limited has launched a sportswear collection with fabrics containing graphene together with a graphene textile material partner in Shangdong Province, China.

As an innovative material with nano technology and derived from graphite, significantly improves performance for the benefits of athletes, professionals and sports enthusiasts. The major characteristics of this smart fabric is its ability to act as a filter between the body and the external environment, ensuring the ideal temperature of the wearer. The warmth produced by the human body is dispersed in warm climates, and preserved and distributed evenly in cold climates.

Further, graphene fabrics are electrostatic and bacteriostatic, sportswear made with such fabrics are able to reduce the friction with air and water to enable top sporting performance.

Functions of Graphene Fabrics:

Far infrared radiation

Graphene fabrics release far infrared rays with a wavelength identical to water molecules in human cells. When such rays radiates on human bodies, resonance occurs with water molecules in human cells. Human surface cells will be activated, and microcirculation of human subcutaneous tissue will be accelerated to generate heat, improve health and immunity.

Graphene fabrics have great effects on improving human microcirculation. Compared with normal fabrics, blood flow rate improves by 141.34%, number of hemocytes increases by 61.73%, velocity increases by 50.07%, termperature increases by 4.21%, i.e. 1.27 °C.


Graphene fabrics are intrinsically anti-bacterial without any treatment.

Moisture Managment

Graphene fabrics provide excellent moisture management performance. It absorbs moisture and perspiration rapidly to keep the wearer dry and comfort.


Graphene fabrics provide excellent moisture management performance. It absorbs moisture and perspiration rapidly to keep the wearer dry and comfort.


Graphene fabrics absorb UV to protect the wearer from UV radiations.

Green and ECO Material

BTEXCO uses a biomass graphene made with corn core cellulose as raw material. There is no chemical pollution in the whole process.

Heat Storage

Graphene fabrics absorb  heat from the sun and human body, store it in the fabric to keep the wearer warm.

Based on tests with Kaken, the fabric temperature is 16 °C higher than fabrics made with normal polyester when the fabric is exposed to the sun.